Sorrento Restaurant L'Approdo

The sea flows through the rooms thanks to the colour of the walls, the fishing nets stored with endless care and the parfume of the specialities in the dishes.

This is the core feeling of the Approdo, a family-run restaurant where the genuine ingredients are linked to the local tradition. The hallmark is anyway the hospitality, the warm welcome given to the guests at the end of the "culinary trip" to Marina di Cassano. This is the name of the beautiful fishing village that you can explore from the restaurant, facing the Sorrento Coast and the whole bay of Naples. A breathtaking view. A perfect place where the sea merges the ocean. Water and Sun.

Your desire to eat well and our desire to take care of you: what a perfect combination! There is an ingredient that could be missed in this love story: the passion for the sea, and for our guests!

Sorrento Restaurant l'Approdo Sorrento Restaurant l'Approdo
Sorrento Restaurant l'Approdo Sorrento Restaurant l'Approdo
restaurant terrace restaurant terrace

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We serve our clients fresh ingredients from the countryside and Mediterranean flavours.

 Our dishes are linked to the old and traditional recepies, and obviously, if needed, we have a gluten free version of the menu. The "catch of the day" is provided by the local fishermen of the Marina, the place where we grew up: we fell very lucky to be part of this Big family.

Nevertheless we also have a good selection of local meat, served grilled and BBQ: This is the flavour of our mountains. Semplicity matches with taste.

And obviously we have the wood oven for a special pizza that you can taste in the evening, when the sun dives in the ocean and the moon is reflecting in the waves.

Don't forget to have a look at the selection of local wines: our bottles are stored in a little natural cellar and you can toast to happiness the whole day. Last, the homemade cakes and pastries, the desserts made by the chef. Nothing is better than tradition.

Pasta with seafood Pasta with seafood
Pizza Pizza

il nostro ristorante

A little slice of heaven. The perfect place to be happy sitting at the table. A romantic dinner surrounded by the sunset colours. This is the moment that the sea starts to burn and the stars keep dancing. A relaxing place in and between sea and land. In the middle of typical and traditional products.

Do you want to get lost in our flavours? If so, book a table. You will enjoy our passion for food.

  •  Events and Ceremonies
  •  gluten free
  •  Pizza wood oven
  •  Free Wifi
  •  Panoramic terrace
  •  no reservations required
  •  Aperitif on the terrace
  •  Docking at the port

You can reach our restaurant also by boat. After informing the restaurant is also possible to dock in the harbour of Marina di Cassano. This is a perfect solution for a little rest during your boat tour. A tasty stop along the fascinating Sorrento Coast.
Closed on Mondays